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Nuevo apartado para las Discografías "extensas" ...


lunes, 16 de julio de 2018

Rick Parma - Chocolate Cake (2018)

01. Smash Hit
02. Every Time You're Around (feat. Willie Bradley)
03. Chocolate Cake (feat. Dean Grech)
04. Love a Little Longer (feat. Ginetta's Vendetta)
05. Rising Fire (feat. Matthew Kerr)
06. Give Up (feat. Dean Grech)
07. Redemption


Rick Parma - The Cool Night Air (2009)

01. Revved Up  
02. Love's Serenade  
03. Heart of the Night (Instrumental)  
04. Just So Cool  
05. Passion  
06. Alone Together  
07. Heart of the Night (Vocal)  
08. The Cool Night Air  
09. Suavecito 


Rick Parma - Just Gettin Started (2005)

01. Just Gettin Started
02. Thinkin of You
03. Gotta Keep Movin
04. I Like What I See
05. The Way Things Gotta Be
06. What's Next
07. Yah That's It
08. Remember When
09. Lookin Ahead


Greg Manning - Sugar & Spice (2016)

01. Sugar & Spice (feat. Donald Hayes)
02. Round 'N'Round (feat. J. Reid)
03. I Need to Know (feat. Adam Hawley)
04. When You Love Someone (feat. Gabriel Hasselbach)
05. Caribbean Breeze
06. Les Étoiles de Paris (feat. Patrick Bettison)
07. Esperanza
08. The Beauty Within
09. Happy (feat. Donald Hayes)
10. Before the Dawn


Greg Manning - Dance With You (2014)

01. Bahia
02. Phoenix Rise!
03. Say Yes
04. For The Love Of You
05. Groove Me (Extended Version)
06. Cruisin Down The Road
07. I Cant Make You Love Me
08. Elegant Lady
09. Dance With You
10. Wayman
11. Look Up


Greg Manning - The Calling (2010)

01. Groovin'
02. Nick Of Time
03. The Calling
04. Yeke Yeke Yo
05. After The Rain
06. It's Me
07. Shine A Light
08. Mountain View
09. Wayman
10. Tribal Sphere
11. Coming & Going
12. The Prayer
13. Sunday Morning
14. Home

Greg Manning (Keyboards, Piano, Programming, Shakers, Cymbals, Vocals); Mindi Abair (Alto & Soprano Saxophones); Jimmi Reid (Alto Saxophone); Tom Evans (Tenor Saxophone); Kirk Whalum (Tenor Saxophone); Terry Wollman (Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Hand Claps); Keb' Mo' (Acoustic Guitar); Fred Clark (Electric Guitar); Andre Berry (Bass); Hussain Jiffry (Electric Bass); Jamey Tate (Drums); Kevin Moore II (Drums, Percussion Programming); Munyungo Jackson (Percussion); Jan Stevens (Bongos, Hand Claps); Patrick Bettison (Chromatic Harmonica); Dawn Norfleet, Tiffany Smith (Vocals).


Greg Manning - Soulciety (1999)

01. Come as you are
02. Get your groove on
03. My love is for real
04. Over the mountain
05. For you
06. Smile
07. You make me cry
08. Cruisin'
09. Two brothers
10. Come little closer
11. Just a little bit
12. All is one


The Atlantic Family - The Atlantic Family Live At Montreux (1978)

01. Bahia (N. A. Baixa Do Sapaterio)
02. Jadoo
03. Ecerything Must Change
04. McEwan's Export
05. One To One
06. Pick Up The Pieces
07. Bahia (Na Baixa Do Sapateiro) (Single Versión)

Ben E. King (Lead vocals); Sonny Fortune, David "Fathead" Newman, Roger Ball (Alto sax); Herbie Mann (Flute); Dick Morrissey, Molly Duncan, Klaus Doldinger, Michael Brecker (Tenor sax); Jaroslav Jakubovic (Saxophone); Don Ellis, Gilman Rathel, Lew Soloff, Randy Brecker (Trumpet); Alan Kaplan, Barry Rogers (Trombone); Richard Tee (Electric piano); Jim Mullen, Hamish Stuart (Guitar); Rafael Cruz, Sammy Figueroa, Rubens Bassini (Percussion); Alan Gorrie (Bass); Steve Ferrone (Drums); Onnie McIntyre (Guitar); Alfa Anderson, Diane Sumler, Diva Gray, Krystal Davis, Luther Vandross, Peter Cox, Robin Clark (Backing Vocal).


In the Muse - Eclectic Café (2016)

01. The Wizard's Piano
02. Brazilian Bounce
03. A Study in Relaxation
04. Fly
05. I Remember India
06. Night to Manhattan
07. The Rain Comes Down
08. Love Muffin
09. The Night Is but a Groove
10. Starlight
11. Midnight Exodus
12. Island of Secrets


Nick Costley-White - Detour Ahead (2018)

01. Just One of Those Things
02. Loads of Bar Blues
03. Swing State
04. Detour Ahead
05. Thinky Pain
06. The Kernel
07. Bridges
08. My Number One

Nick Costley-White (Guitar); Matt Robinson (Piano, Rhodes); Conor Chaplin (Bass); Dave Hamblett (Drums); Sam Rapley (Bass clarinet 5,6).


domingo, 15 de julio de 2018

Chick Corea & Elektric Band - To The Stars (2004)

01. Check Blast
02. Port View 1
03. Mistress Luck - A Portrait
04. Mistress Luck - The Party
05. Port View 2
06. Johnny's Landing
07. Port View 3
08. Alan Corday
09. Port View 4
10. Hound of Heaven
11. Port View 5
12. The Long Passage
13. Port View 6
14. Jocelyn - The Commander
15. Port View 7
16. Captain Jocelyn - Tribute By His Crew
17. Captain Jocelyn - The Pianist

Frank Gambale (Guitar); Eric Marienthal (Saxophone); Chick Corea (Piano, keyboards); John Patitucci (Bass instrument); Dave Weckl (Drums); Gayle Moran Corea (Vocals); Steve Wilson (Saxophone); Pernell Saturnino (Percussion).


Chick Corea Elektric Band II - Paint The World (1993)

01. Paint The World
02. Blue Miles
03. Tone Poem
04. Cta
05. Silhouette
06. Space
07. Ant & The Elephant
08. Tumba Island
09. Ritual
10. Ished
11. Spanish Sketch
12. Final Frontier
13. Reprise

Chick Corea (Piano, keyboards); Eric Marienthal (Saxophones); Jimmy Earl (Bass); Gary Novak (Drums); Mike Miller (Electric & acoustic guitar).


Chick Corea & Elektric Band - Beneath The Mask (1991)

01. Beneath the mask
02. Little things that count
03. One of us is over 40
04. A wave goodbye
05. Lifescape
06. Jammin E. Cricket
07. Charged particles
08. Free step
09. 99 flavors
10. Illusions

Chick Corea (Fender Rhodes piano, keyboards, synthesizer); Eric Marienthal (Soprano & alto saxophones); Frank Gambale (Synthesizer, acoustic & electric guitars); John Patitucci (5- & 6-string electric basses); Dave Weckl (Acoustic & electronic drums).


Chick Corea & Elektric Band - Inside Out (1990)

01. Inside Out
02. Make A Wish
03. Make A Wish, Pt. 2
04. Stretch It
05. Stretch It, Pt. 2
06. Kicker
07. Child's Play
08. Tale Of Daring, Chap. 1
09. Tale Of Daring, Chap. 2
10. Tale Of Daring, Chap. 3
11. Tale Of Daring, Chap. 4

Chick Corea (Piano, Synthesizer); Eric Marienthal (Saxophone); Frank Gambale (Guitar); John Patitucci (Electric Bass); Dave Weckl (Drums).


Chick Corea & Elektric Band - Eye Of The Beholder (1988)

01. Home Universe
02. Eternal Child
03. Forgotten Past
04. Passage
05. Beauty
06. Cascade (Part I)
07. Cascade (Part II)
08. Trance Dance
09. Eye of the Beholder
10. Ezinda 
11. Amnesia

Chick Corea (Piano, synthesizer); Eric Marienthal (Saxophone); Frank Gambale (Guitar); John Patitucci (Bass); Dave Weckl (Drums).


Chick Corea & Elektric Band - Light Years (1987)

01. Light Years
02. Second Sight
03. Flamingo
04. Prism
05. Time Track
06. Starlight
07. Your Eyes
08. The Dragon
09. View From The Outside
10. Smokescreen
11. Hymn Of The Heart
12. Kaleidoscope

Chick Corea (Keyboards); Eric Marienthal (Saxophone); Frank Gambale (Guitar); John Patitucci (Bass); Dave Weckl (Drums).


Chick Corea Elektric Band - The Chick Corea Elektric Band (1986)

01. City Gate
02. Rumble
03. Side Walk
04. Cool Weasel Boogie
05. Got A Match?
06. Elektric City
07. No Zone
08. King Cockroach
09. India Town
10. All Love
11. Silver Temple

Chick Corea (Keyboards, synthesizer, programming); Scott Henderson, Carlos Rios (Guitar); John Patitucci (Acoustic & electric basses); Dave Weckl (Acoustic & electronic drums).  


Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy Emmanuel

sábado, 14 de julio de 2018

Akira Jimbo

Mike Phillips - M.P.3 (2010)

01. Picture Me Rollin' (Feat. Stevie Wonder)
02. 7 Days In Paradise (Feat. Marcus Miller)
03. Stay Awhile
04. Fallin' (Feat. Natalie Stewart)
05. Time Of Your Life (Feat. Lauren Evans)
06. Gonna' Miss You
07. Take Our Time With Love (Feat. Norman Brown & Allen "Choirbot" Bundy)
08. Come Inside With Me
09. Right Person Wrong Time (Feat. JaMal)
10. Picture Me Rollin' (Reprise) (The Money Earnin' Mt. Vernon Remix)
11. Party With Mike Phillips


Mike Phillips - Uncommon Denominator (2005)

01. Once Again Mike Phillips (Interlude)
02. Uncommon Denominator
03. Crazy
04. Heartbeat of the City
05. It If Takes All Night 
06. Minnie
07. G-Money
08. Don't Panic
09. We Are One
10. Fiesta
11. 86th & Broadway
12. Uptown on a Saturday Night
13. Flow
14. Brent's Bounce
15. If U Had a Heart
16. Mike & Michaella (Interlude)

Mike Phillips (saxophone); Jonathan Pierre (vocals, percussion); Keenan Pryor, Gus Rickette, Trina Powell, Kareem Wells, Tandria Potts (vocals); Gary Haase (various instruments, guitar, drums); Travon Potts (various instruments); J.R. Hutson (guitar, keyboards, drums, programming); Joel Whitely (guitar, bass instrument); Dwight Sills, Sherrod Barnes (guitar); Carl Burnett (acoustic guitar); Al Willis (electric guitar); George Whitty (strings, keyboards); Brandon Coleman (Fender Rhodes piano, organ, synthesizer); Bennett Paysinger, Bennet Paysinger (Fender Rhodes piano); Ivan Dupée (organ, programming); Janek Gwizdala (keyboards, drums, programming); Rex Rideout (keyboards, programming); Selan Lerner (keyboards); Shawn Hibbler (synthesizer, programming); Richard Patterson (bass guitar); Michael White , Khari Parker (drums); Jerry Barnes (percussion, background vocals); Jeff Byrd , Paul Wertico (percussion); Jeff Lorber (guitar, keyboards, drums, programming); Marlon McClain (guitar); Ron King (trumpet, flugelhorn).


Mike Phillips - You Have Reached Mike Phillips (2002)

01. Next Stop- Mt. Vernon East 
02. You Have Reached Mike Phillips
03. Cappella, A 
04. Just One Take
05. 42nd St. Subway- Reprise 
06. True Story- Tabernacie 
07. Tonite
08. Beatin' on It
09. Stop What Ya Doin'
10. Huron Ave $0.99 
11. Will You Stick With Me
12. Love Is a Drug
13. Baby Calls
14. When It Comes to Lovin' Me
15. Maria
16. Wonderful and Special
17. You Have Reached Mike Phillips

Mike Phillips (vocals, saxophone); Jazdin Reddy (vocals, various instruments); Derek "Doa" Allen (various instruments, programming); Malik Yusef (vocals); Audra Woodard (spoken vocals); Alexander Sepiagin (trumpet); Ivan Dupee (Fender Rhodes piano, programming); Michael Logan (Fender Rhodes piano); Eric Parker (keyboards, programming); Donald Parker (keyboards); David Williams (acoustic guitar); Toni Popoviv (guitar, samples); Richie Davis (guitar); Wayman Tisdale (bass, background vocals); Richard Patterson (bass); Michael White, Khari Parker (drums); Ruben Alvarez (percussion); Frank White, DJ Wiz Kid (turntables).


Alex Malheiros & Banda Utopia feat. Sabrina Malheiros - The Wave (2009)

01. Serenity
02. Uno Esta
03. Vola
04. Sem Pressa
05. The Wave
06. Baixo Partido
07. 4 Eyed Viper
08. Corpo
09. Copa a Noite
10. Solar
11. The Wave (IG's Original Twist remix)
12. The Wave (The Plan Mix)
13. Uno Esta (Remix)
14. Uno Esta (IG Dub)
15. Bossa Velha (Bonus Track)
16. Solar (IG Culture Bonus Remix)

2009 Alex Malheiros & Banda Utopia feat. Sabrina Malheiros - The Wave (2009) by pere1109.rar

Alex Malheiros - Atlantic Forest (1985)

01. Four Aces And A Joker (Quatro ases e um coringa)
02. Atlantic Forest (Mata Atlântica)
03. Papaia
04. Sleight Of Hand (Passe de mágica)
05. Traveling Through Your Body (Viajando no seu corpo)
06. Bossanovamente!
07. Eastern Sunflowers (Os girassóis do Oriente)
08. Dress Rehearsal (Ensaio geral)

Alex Malheiros (Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Vocals); Guilherme Rodrigues (Alto Saxophone); Picolé, Getulio (Gegê) Pereira (Drums); Ricardo Pontes (Flute); Victor Biglione (Guitar); Marcos Resende (Keyboards); André Dequech (Organ); Zézinho, Arthur Luiz Malheiros, Getulio (Gegê) Pereira, Thereza Malheiros, Chacal, Café, Paulinho Proença (Percussion); Ivan Conte (Mamão) (Percussion [Repique]); José Luiz Duarte, André Dequech (Piano [Acoustic]); Nivaldo Ornelas (Soprano Saxophone); Ion Muniz, José Carlos (Bigorna) (Tenor Saxophone [Solo]); Serginho Trombone (Trombone).


Daniel Ko - Sleepless In Seoul (2018)

01. Lines for Lyons
02. I Want to Be Happy
03. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
04. Billy Boy
05. Flashback
06. Sleepless in Seoul


Incognito - Contemporary Hits of Incognito 35th Anniversary (2014)

01. Everything Your Heart Desires
02. Listen to the Music
03. Who needs Love
04. The 25th Chapter
05. As Long As It’s You
06. This Thing Called Love
07. The World Is Mine
08. Can't Get You Out Of My Mind (The Trunk Funk Remix])
09. Come Away With Me
10. Morning Sun

Descarga ....

Ivan Conti - Human Factor (1984)

01. Menca  
02. You Have That  
03. Pantanal II (Swamp)
04. Ivana 
05. Junction (Entroncamento) 
06. Oi! (Hey There) 
07. The Human Factor


V.A. Smooth Jazz Project Vol. 91 - Urban Groove Soul & R'Blues Meets Jazz (by Sjazz4ever)

Richard Elliot

Richard Elliot

viernes, 13 de julio de 2018

Chick Corea - Five Trios (2007)

José Roberto Bertrami And His Modern Sound - Aventura (2009)

01. Estatic 70
02. Brilliante
03. Eighties Times 
04. O Pescador
05. Maixa
06. Joanna
07. Aventura
08. No Tempo Da Bossa 
09. Danca De Salao
10. Laranjeiras
11. Choro
12. Conversation With Maixa

José Roberto Bertrami (Keyboards); Alex Rocha, Romulo Duarte (Bass); Ivan Conti, Victor Bertrami (Drums); Alex Pilkington, Humberto Mirabelli (Guitar).


José Roberto Bertrami - Things Are Different (2001)

01. Mamao com Acucar (Sweet Papaya)   
02. Partido Alto No. 3   
03. Things are Different   
04. Dificil Te Dizer (Hard To Say)   
05. Tarde Em Itacuruca (Afternoon in Itacuruca)   
06. Ceu E Mar (Sky & Sea)   
07. Bluff Dancing   
08. Valle Brothers   
09. Tarde Em Itacuruca (Prelude)


José Roberto Bertrami - Dreams Are Real (1990)

01. Dreams Are Real (Tempos Atrás)
02. Tristeza de Nós Dois
03. Nova Ipanema
04. Saudade (Encontro com a Saudade)
05. A Big Hug for Nelson Piquet
06. Se Todos Fossem Iguais a Você
07. Novo Leblon
08. E Nada Mais

José Roberto Bertrami (Electric piano, synthesizer Oberheim 4-voice, percussion, Yamaha CSO12), acoustic piano, órgão Hammond B3, vocal); Paulinho Oliveira (Flugelhorn); Nico Assumpção (Electric bass, acoustic bass); Robertinho Silva (Drums); Zizinho, Laudir de Oliveira (Percussion); Maurício Einhorn (Harmonica); Durval Ferreira (Acoustic guitar); Jota Moares (Vibrafone); José Carlos Bigorna (Flute); Flora Purim (Vocal); João Palma (Drums); Tavinho Bonfá (Acoustic guitar).


José Roberto Bertrami - Blue Wave (1983)

01. Bye Bye Brazil
02. Chorodô Participação: Aleuda
03. Partido Alto Nº 2
04. Shot On Goal [Perigo de Gol]
05. Blue Wave
06. Parati
07. Sheds And Weeds [Barracos e Arbustos]

José Roberto Bertrami (Vocal, electric piano, organ, siynthesizer, percussion,Oberheim, berraboi); Hélio Demiro (Guitar, siynthesizer, percussion); Cláudio Bertrami (Bass); Robertinho Silva (Drums); Aleuda (Voz solo, percussion); José Carlos Bigorna (Flute); José (Bicão) Alves (Bass; electric piano); Hélio Delmiro (Guitar); Cláudio Bertrami (Bass).


Jeff Ryan - Embrace (2018)

01. Up and Up  
02. Blue Wave  
03. Dusk To Dawn    
04. Sweet Spot  
05. Versace on the Floor    
06. Edge of Tomorrow  
07. J-Factor (feat. Greg Manning) 
08. Embrace
09. Matter of Fact
10. Tenderly


Pieces Of A Dream

Pieces Of A Dream

jueves, 12 de julio de 2018

Brian Bromberg - Thicker Than Water (2018)

01. Is That the Best You Can Do?
02. Minneapolis, 1987
03. Thicker Than Water
04. Coupe De Ville (Intro)
05. Coupe De Ville
06. Changes
07. Trials and Tribulations
08. It's Called Life (Intro)
09. It's Called Life (For Mom)
10. Uh-Huh
11. Your Eyes
12. Land of the Rising Sun
13. A Familia

Brian Bromberg (Upright, electric and piccolo bass); Everette Harp, Najee, Doug Webb, Brandon Fields, Gary Meek, Mark Visher, Vince Trombetta, Marion Meadows (Saxophone); Lee Thornburg, Randy Brecker, Willy Murillo, Tony Guererro (Trumpet); Nick Lane, Jason Thor (Trombone); Tom Zink, Brian Simpson, George Duke (Keyboards); Gannin Arnold, Paul Jackson Jr. (Guitar); June Kuramoto (Koto); Franklin Richardson III (Drums); Lenny Castro, Alex Acuña (Percussion); Mark Hollingsworth (Bamboo flutes); Zack Bromberg (Loops).

Descarga ....

La música de tus sueños Prog. 4

00. Jeff Golub - On The Beach
01. Profeffor RJ Ross - Do It Again
02. Rod Williams - Sweet & Spicy
03. Queen Latifah - I'm Not in Love
04. Candy Dulfer - Lily Whas Here
05. Bobby Caldwell - Tell It Like It Is
06. Leon Neal - I Can't Help It
07. Robin McKelle - Abracadabra
08. Bill Fulton - Jackie
09. Jason Miles - I Want  You
10. Chielli Minucci - Anything And Everething
11. Terez Montcalm - Sweet Dreams
12. Zachary Breaux - Cafe Reggio
13. Michael McDonald - Ain't No Mountain High Enough
14. Irson - Point G
15. Marwie - Maniac
16. Tata - Lately
17. Acoustic Alchemy - Tuff Puzzle
18. Steve Winwood - Why Can't We Live Together
19. Noel Elmowy - Weavin'
20. Eliane Elias - My Cherie Amour
21. Lauren Wood - Time Of The Season
22. Pino Cremone - Happy
23. Ray Charles - Georgia on My Mind
24. Rita Lee - All My Loving
25. Brenda Russel - Walking In New York

Para vuestras dudas, comentarios o sugerencias podeis contactar con nosotros a traves de ésta dirección de correo: programalamusica@gmail.com


New Stories - Hope Is In The Air The Music Of Elmo Hope (2004)

01. Sims A Plenty
02. Dee-Dah
03. Nieta
04. One Second Please
05. A Kiss For My Love
06. This Sweet Sorrow
07. Roll On
08. Hot Sauce
09. Eyes So Beautiful As Yours
10. Stars Over Marrakech
11. Low Tide
12. Carving The Rock
13. Monique
14. Three Silver Quarters

Marc Seales, Roberta Gambarini (Vocals); Bobby Porcelli (Alto saxophone); Don Sickler (Trumpet, flugelhorn); Marc Seales, Ronnie Mathews, Bertha Hope (Piano); Doug Miller (Double bass); John Bishop, Kenny Washington (Drums).


New Stories - Speakin' Out (1999)

01. So Near, So Far (Crombie/Green)
02. Blue (Marc Seales)
03. Highway Blues (Marc Seales)
04. I Have A Dream (Herbie Hancock)
05. Jordy's Strut (Doug Miller)
06. Apparitions (Doug Miller)
07. In Her Family (Pat Metheny)
08. Speakin' Out (Doug Miller)
09. My One and Only Love (Mellin/Wood)

Marc Seales (Piano); Doug Miller (Bass); John Bishop (Drums). With special guest Ernie Watts (Saxophone).


New Stories - Remember Why (1997)

01. Prince of Darkness (Wayne Shorter)
02. Remember Why (Marc Seales)
03. One Finger Snap (Herbie Hancock)
04. In a Silent Way (Joe Zawinul)
05. After Letting Go (Doug Miller)
06. Colemanology (Marc Seales)
07. Circle (Miles Davis)
08. Fee Fi Fo Fum (Wayne Shorter)
09. Deep in a Dream (Van Huesen/DeLange)
Marc Seales (Piano); Doug Miller (Bass); John Bishop (Drums). With guests: Don Lanphere, Rick Mandyck and Hans Teuber.


New Stories - Circled By Hounds (1995)

01. The Gingi 
02. Stella by Starlight
03. Lighten Up
04. Dave
05. The Thumb/Bluesology
06. Circled By Hounds
07. Wholly Here, Holy Hear
08. Body & Soul
09. Before Dawn
10. New Stories

Marc Seales (Piano); Doug Miller (Bass); John Bishop (Drums).


Luo Ning - Guang Yu Ying De Xie Hou (2018)

01. Guang Yu Ying De Xie Hou
02. Xin De Mei Yi Tian
03. Stella By Starlight
04. Ni Dui Ren Sheng De Ding Yi
05. Xian Gei Wo Men
06. Sai Li Mu Hu De Xin
07. Ni Shi Wo De Suo You
08. Chuang Wai
09. Blue In Green


Lucas van Merwijk Sticks & Strings • Jamfever (2015)

01. Blacklisted
02. Cool City
03. Phantasm
04. Spring Thing
05. Pambeats
06. Bimbalacumba
07. Red Magic
08. Swanker


Ted Nash Quintet - Live At Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola (2018)

01. Organized Crime
02. Windows
03. Spinning Song
04. Epistrophy
05. Emily Introduction
06. Emily
07. Sisters
08. Baby Elephant Walk

Ted Nash (Alto sax, clarinet, flute & piccolo); Warren Wolf (Vibraphone); Gary Versace (Piano); Rufus Reid (Bass); Matt Wilson (Drums).


miércoles, 11 de julio de 2018